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Time to quit the home gym ?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Fitness for normal people actually started in the US post WW2. The golden age of Muscle Beach and Hollywood gave birth to stars working out privately, and then ex soldiers staying fit on Nautilus and Universal multi-stations. Aerobics became popular as a result of the space program and heart research. Fun classes and dance wear as fashion were featured as the gear for fitness.

Fitness as an activity is changing again and this time its more adaptable than ever.

Digital advances means the average person can afford personal monitoring devices that interface with apps on your cell phone. The result?

The person who wants motivation has it- better than a calendar or notebook, these apps let you know if you are getting fitter.

But a computer chip cannot smile at your progress or have coffee with you. The latest gym may have been your treadmill and kettlebells at home . Yet, if you want to really stay healthier you need to add some toys to your routine.

That is where small gyms like Momentafit in Denver comes in. The variety of fitness toys that address balance and flexibility are here. Included also are the benches and the free weights, the aerobic machines and all the equipment that only a small fitness company could assemble.

The reason to go here instead of staying at home is both obvious and not so obvious.

Momentafit is small and cozy. It does not feel like a big box gym

It gets you out of your rut- there are other people around. Face it – watching TV or your Peleton screen is getting old.

The hidden features of Momentafit are new. There is the spa side – you can book a sports massage, neuromuscular therapy session, myofascial release – all designed to aid in recovery. Not so easy to recover at home but very easy to restore yourself here...

If you need to restore yourself post injury, physical therapists are board certified. How many spaces with fitness\toys and equipment address your injuries? The average person has to travel to an outpatient clinic, or get a referral.

If you have athletic goals – your golf game and your climbing prowess are just some of the areas the trainers at Momentafit can address. This place is not just a gym. It is an extension of your new wellness – which you should give yourself credit for. Being forced to stay at home, most people addressed their health. Now that a new year is upon us, the home gym rat can come out to play, and hire a trainer to continue to improve. Doing last years exercises? Now is the time to learn something fun and new.

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