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My name is Ire Evans and I am an accredited chef as well as the owner of Green Cuisine Personal Chef Service. My love of cooking flourished at the age of eight when my grandmother and I would spend time together cooking for our family. Because of this, the act of cooking has always felt connected to sentiments of love, family, and community.  I decided to pursue my love of cooking by moving from Indonesia to Denver to seek a degree in hotel management. I worked in management at the Marriott in Denver as well as at in Jakarta at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a diamond star hotel.  My culinary dreams were temporarily put on hold when my children were born since I elected to stay at home and take care of them.

When my children were old enough, I decided to pursue my chef certification from the Culinary Business Academy and start my own business. I always preferred to be in management working behind the scenes. Owning my own business allowed me to build my vision of a service which prioritizes delicious, healthy, and fresh food that nourishes the body and the soul. My Indonesian background coupled with my experiences in the restaurant business in the United States inspired me to offer a culturally diverse portfolio of dishes. I am versatile and able to adjust my services for a wide variety of diets and preferences. My experience as a mother of two wonderful children motivates me to create food that is fun and enjoyable for the whole family!

I am an avid member of the United States Personal Chef Association. I have dedicated my career to promoting the importance of healthy and fresh food for our children. I was highly involved in the creation of the school garden at the Challenge School, and have spent ample time teaching healthy cooking to kids in many Colorado schools. My efforts in this arena earned me the Winning Parent Hero Award from Action for Healthy Kids Colorado. My work has been feature in Chase magazine, Avid Lifestyle Magazine, and Expertise as one of top 15 personal chefs in Denver.

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