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Young Forever: Only If You Are Grounded

Listed on the New York Times bestseller list :Dr. Mark Hyman's book

did not address the effect of electric current/energy on our systems.

We know that the computers' blue light is not good for your eyes.

My ophthalmologist suggests breaking up the intensity of writing on the computer.

She recommends 20 minutes looking at the computer screen, then looking at an object at least 20 feet away for @ 20 seconds.

Too much electric light up close. A lot more than when we were growing up- TV,was the only electric object beaming at us. Now we have cell phones, Bluetooth headphones, watches full of fitness apps. At the very least, this stuff is grabbing our attention and making us tired.

You cannot drown out or remove yourself from your environment, unless you become a Luddite, or move to an Amish Farm.But you can do what many top athletes do- and no, we are not talking about cupping - a favorite of Michael Phelps.

You should try grounding, or earthing as some enthusiasts call it. Like acupuncture, grounding taps into your meridians of energy. Humans are electrical which is why a shock from an AED can get your heart going again. You should be amazed to know that the electrical shock IS NOT DIRECT. Instead, the AED shock works by telling your heart to stop,with the energy of 150–360 joules * (see simple explanation of joules at end)

The shock tells the heart reset your pacemaker fibers and then your heart starts beating in the standard rhythm as seen below:

Grounding is the favorite of athletes because it tells the muscles and the body's overall electrochemical environment to reset itself. The science is not new: papers with reliable and valid experimental design explore earthing/grounding as a recovery aid. How??

By measuring waste products post exercise for a baseline/recovery comparisons, you can read it for yourself here. (Sokal, Jastrzębski,Jaskulska, Radzimiński, Dargiewicz, & Zieliński,2013).

Better yet, you can try grounding/earthing products like sheets, or pads that convey the grounding/earthing current. What do they do? These products allow for

"Contact of humans with the earth, either directly (e.g., with bare feet) or using a metal conductor, changes their biochemical parameters. "

Why Team USA cycling tried earthing (Lance Armstrong insisted on doing everything the Europeans were doing ...)

In a double-blind, crossover study, 42 participants were divided into two groups and earthed during exercise and recovery. One group was earthed in the first week during 30 minutes of cycling exercise and during recovery, and a second group was earthed in the second week. A double-blind technique was applied. Blood samples were obtained before each training session, after 15 and 30 minutes of exercise, and after 40 minutes of recovery. Significantly lower blood urea levels were observed in subjects earthed during exercise and relaxation. These significant differences were noted in both groups earthed at the beginning of exercise.

Well, prices for earthing /grounding products have dropped quite a bit from the era of Team USA dominating the Tour de France. Check out the products on www.weafood4unow,com


Sokal, Jastrzębski,Jaskulska, Radzimiński, Dargiewicz, & Zieliński,2013).Differences in Blood Urea and Creatinine Concentrations in Earthed and Unearthed Subjects during Cycling Exercise and Recovery. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2013.

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