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Spiked Spice Season- Have a drink of this!

10 days to Christmas and you need a break!

Or Hanukkah is done But you are needing several PTO days

Make this quick spiked drink in @ 10 minutes

It will make up to 25 drinks if you use the whole gallon of cider

and then save it for the next party

Ingredients for a party of 25

(with 5 ounces anytime For You)

1 box Aspen cider spices

3 basic (not Top Shelf) Bourbon Whiskey @ 375 ml each

4 mandarin oranges

cinnamon sticks (optional decorative touch) -whipped cream looks cool too

25 candy canes

1 gallon cider

Making a Batch

Pour gallon of apple cider into large sauce pan over medium heat

add box of Aspen cider spices and bring to a simmer DO NOT BOIL

Remove from heat LET IT COOL Stir in all 3 bottles of Bourbon (375 ml each)

Decant 375 ml (13 ounces) of this mix into the original Bourbon bottles

To Serve

Using serving size 5 ounce glasses ( 1 for you and 24 left)

Squeeze one Mandarin slice into drink

Decorate it with a squirt of whipped cream or a candy cane ...waaay cheaper than cinamon sticks )

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