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Spiked Spice Season- Have a drink of this!

10 days to Christmas and you need a break!

Or Hanukkah is done But you are needing several PTO days

Make this quick spiked drink in @ 10 minutes

It will make up to 25 drinks if you use the whole gallon of cider

and then save it for the next party

Photo by Prem Pal Singh Tanwar

Ingredients for a party of 25

(with 5 ounces anytime For You)

1 box Aspen cider spices

3 basic (not Top Shelf) Bourbon Whiskey @ 375 ml each

4 mandarin oranges

cinnamon sticks (optional decorative touch) -whipped cream looks cool too

25 candy canes

1 gallon cider

Making a Batch

Pour gallon of apple cider into large sauce pan over medium heat

add box of Aspen cider spices and bring to a simmer DO NOT BOIL

Remove from heat LET IT COOL Stir in all 3 bottles of Bourbon (375 ml each)

Decant 375 ml (13 ounces) of this mix into the original Bourbon bottles

To Serve

Using serving size 5 ounce glasses ( 1 for you and 24 left)

Squeeze one Mandarin slice into drink

Decorate it with a squirt of whipped cream or a candy cane ...waaay cheaper than cinamon sticks )

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