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It is Patio weather soon...Tacos anyone?

Weather report: It is Tequila and Taco time; Make this is 20 minutes and have some friends drop by for dinner or lunch . Serves four.


One lemon or lime (washed)

Hot sauce, or make red crema (more on that later)

2 lemons or limes

2-3 white fish fillets of any white fleshed fish cod, tuna, trout, etc.

Greek Yogurt 6-8 ounce size

2 containers of Sour cream about 6- 8 ounces

12 ounces cole slaw or broccoli cole slaw

1 box of Corn taco shells (crispy) or soft flour burrito shells

optional Taco mix powder from corn tacos


If using an oven preheat to 400 degrees F

if outside on the gas grill use medium heat, lid up

Place thawed fillets on baking sheet covered with tin foil

Spray or drizzle oil on sheet so fillets do not stick

Cook fillets so they flake with a fork about 15 to 18 minutes

DO NOT OVERCOOK FILLETS SO THEY DRY OUT move off heat if necessary

and cover with foil

Dump the yogurt into a mixing bowl

cut the lemons or lime in 1/2

Only grate 1/2 of the lime or lemon into the yogurt

At the very least get the juice of the citrus in there

Mix well. Save the other half of the citrus for serving touches later

Empty the cole slaw or broccoli cole slaw into a big bowl

Add the yogurt and lime or lemon mix to the slaw and toss with a fork

Mix the taco mix into the sour cream so its not lumpy and save for later

If you like red crema, grab the chipotle sauce -add one tablespoon

Then add 1/4 teaspoon of cumin and two to three shakes of hot sauce to

the sour cream and mix well , put aside for later

Wrap the burritos or tacos in aluminum foil

Gently warm in the microwave or on the grill

Let fish fillets cool slightly then put fish into tacos or burritos

Slap that slaw mix over the fish , be generous and drizzle

the hot sauce or red crema over the creation.

Some people also

squirt lemon or lime juice on top

Pour yourself a drink- and Enjoy!

Modifications made Thank you to

$10 dollar recipes to feed four series

and Trader Joes

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