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Fall 2020 -The year is almost over.

Maybe you should celebrate and have a drink

Of Kombucha!

No kidding- this fermented drink covers 4 areas which are integral to maintaining a healthy Immune Response.

Kombucha on the store shelf contains very little alcohol (by law) so you will not get drunk on it, yet the fact that it is fermented helps you gut fight germs and hopefully give you an edge.

The probiotics in kombucha can help your gut.

The antioxidants in kombucha can help you stay healthy.

Kombucha can help you cut back on super-sugary drinks.

Kombucha can help you stay hydrated.

What Edge?

Why not just drink single malt scotch? It is stronger than kombucha...

Or beer – every day a 6 to 8 % alcohol level should not completely kill the gut flora . Wine at approximately 12 % should be just fine…

It depends. Gut flora is changing about every 3 days. Using your lawn as an analogy if you threw down fertilizer every 3 days your lawn would die. Too much powerful alcohol levels – the levels that must be put on labels by law are liable to wipe out helpful bacteria in your gut that could save your ass. Literally. This is not the year to party too hard!

Get Ready

Oktoberfest is not happening But do not rush off and stage your own zoom version. There is a big possibility that COVID 19 may mutate or pick up some genetic information from a bacteria and be more dangerous. How? By exchanging little bits of information as it passes thru a mammal . Even if it does not pick up information the typical flu virus has so much reproductive capacity that changes will occur as it makes copies in a host. Some of those changes could prove detrimental.

After all, the annual flu is still a cousin from the original flu -with some years more problematic that others . To keep track: H2N1 is part of a numbering system just so the scientists can try to make a vaccine that ties up the H and the N and keeps it from reproducing and learning new tricks. (This nouvelle Covid19 has already gotten better spikes - the better to irritate your lungs ...) Depending on how fast the H and N change from year to year, pharmaceutical manufacturers find it is hard to design a vaccine that is 30 to 60 % accurate against something that changes while being studied and is no longer effective when it is matched with the unpredictable...

Better to swing some kombucha when you party too hard (is it really Thursday??) We could all use a 4 day workweek now that remote work is the trend. The pace of life requires unwinding with refreshing adult beverages. You could make your own Kombucha – easier than making your own Scotch !! Here is a video.

What your poor immune system says:

That lighter seltzer alcohol drink ( the new fizzies seltzer trend is fun!) can also destroy gut immune helpers so restore it with kombucha - get more sleep and eat smarter. Winter will keep you inside this year – there may be records broken, so get ready .

Smart Move

Just add some fish ( so the denser alcohol calories (7 energy units aka calories per ml) is a lot more obvious in your meals than carbs (4 carb calories per ounce in most alcoholic drinks.)

If you insist drinking the hard stuff-

Please follow up with the kombucha and restore the immune system flora from your gut.

Every 3 days bump up the system or ingest some probiotics that are either dairy or non dairy. Eat some fish because the oils and proteins provide a friendly gut environment, you cannot eat red meat all the time – even a keto diet includes colorful vegetables.

Finally- try not to get sick.

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